What is the most bad ass thing I did in my final year of college?

This is one of my fondest memories down my college memory lane ūüôā

This is my answer to the question on Quora.

What is the most badass thing you did in the final year of college?


It’s was 2010, studying final year. This happened in final semester and needless to say, I didn’t get placed till then.
Everyone is desperate to get a job before completing college. (I was one among the everyone).
It’s a typical placement day, ¬†a¬†company named CSS CORP came for recruitment. CSS CORP¬†sometimes used third party vendors to recruit instead of using their in house team. We were informed that placement starts by 11 AM.
But the recruiters came be 12 PM. They were like- placement BITCH!
So initial round started after 12 PM and completed by 3PM which means everyone who attended placement session missed lunch by one hour. Neither mess, nor canteen has food.  No one ate, myself too. I was furious!
Despite that, I cleared round one and the round two was about to be started. But they (recruiters) went to enjoy delicious food (college provides them). Then the round two was GD and started by 5PM and completed by 9PM. Needless to say, those who attended that rounded missed dinner by one hour. Damned!
Generously, they started third round in 15 mins, and participants were informed to deliver one minute talk. They will call names in random.
It’s a final round, they were tired,we were frustrated.

And this happened:
They would call names in random and the participants were supposed to speak for a minute. But if they don’t like the speech, recruiters would call next name by¬†leaving current participant’s speech in midway! Participants don’t have the luxury of completing their speech, if they messed up a little.
Oh my god : That’s embarrassing.
Most of the students didn’t worry about rejected but being embarrassed in front of crowd. A few beautiful girls were also there. Such a shame!
But the embarrassment didn’t end with that. If the participant voice isn’t loud (remember candidates¬†missed two meals & desperate) they laughed at them & they were totally sarcastic until they called my name.
Apart from being badass, I always wanted to be unique and daring. At least I tried something to not look mediocre.
The topic picked by participants were ultra common like my favourite captain Dhoni, Abdul Kalam, my village, my role model, my dad, my aim, serving society, etc etc.
In this placement context, I wanted to be different.
I remembered I got only 60 seconds to impress 150 people there!

So, this is what I did when my name called to deliver 60 seconds speech:
I started my speech like……
With due respect, sir I have no idea how tough is placement and the whole process but this is how I felt about this placement session today.
In short, I delivered feedback on their placement drive they conducted that day.
The feedback includes:

  • I criticized: How the recruiters weren’t punctual (one hour late)
  • I criticized:How they made us to skip two consecutive meals
  • I criticized:How they mocked us for low voice
  • I criticized:Only two recruiters came for 200 students ( it’s 1:100 ratio)

And it was in total 1.5 minutes.
Oh Boy, I was the center of attraction for those 2 minutes. But more than getting attention I was quite satisfied that I was able to explain them what is what.
Now the placement hall is like graveyard, pin drop silent, as I dropped the bomb.
What followed that was more classic. Finally recruiters came back from the state of micro shock and so does everyone. The next name was called to deliver the speech.
And he¬†started like,¬†Actually, I agree what Yathav said about placement ( yathav is my name)……..
And the recruiters stopped the placement session, drank a little water, taken a deep breath and explained their pain points in recruitment and how they care for the students … bla bla… This is the bad ass moment and feeling of that day.

Placement result: Rejected! ūüėõ
My 1.5 minute speech made a profound effect and it’s a great bad ass feeling indeed!

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