Google Search - Ad Extensions

Definite Guide for Creating google search campaigns – Ad Extensions

How to setup Ad extensions in google search campaigns Here’s the total character count that’s available for advertisers to attract user. The headlines has 30 characters and description has 80. Total of 110 characters. How cruel of google...
Google search campaign-Ad group and keywords

Creating google search campaigns -Ad groups & Keywords

Ad groups : In google campaigns, ad groups are the sub-units of the campaigns. Knowing the best practices on how to create ad groups will help you to succeed. Ad Groups help you to organize your targeting. Here’s...
Google Search Ads Campaign creation

Creating google search campaigns – Outline

How to Create a google search campaign effortlessly  Creating a google search campaign for the first time is tough. It involves a series of steps which could vary based on the campaign objective. Worry not, i got you...
Google Display Ads Targeting

Ultimate Guide to Google Display Ads Targeting

How to target on google Display Ads Network? It was a mind numbing question for the most of the budding advertisers. What is google display network? Google display ads network is a collection of independent content publishers websites...
Google search ads - Introduction

Definite Guide to Google Search Ads Targeting

How To set up an effective Google Search Ads Targeting ? Keywords Keywords are the only & effective way to target in the google search terms. Here’s how to target a user on search campaigns using the keywords:...
Introduction to google ads

Google Ads – Introduction and types explained

Google Ads is undoubtedly the beast of online advertisements. This chapter is about how we use the beast to win digital marketing wars. What are the advertisements mode in google ads? Google search Google display Video ads (