Introduction to google ads

Google Ads – Introduction and types explained

Google Ads is undoubtedly the beast of online advertisements. This chapter is about how we use the beast to win digital marketing wars. What are the advertisements mode in google…

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Digital Marketing Basics

Why Digital Marketing

  In the very first chapter of our crash course, let help you to understand why digital marketing is gaining market share over the traditional marketing ( billboards, Tv, newspapers..etc)….

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What is the most bad ass thing I did in my final year of college?

This is one of my fondest memories down my college memory lane ­čÖé This is my answer to the question on Quora. What is the most badass thing you did…

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How does it feels like to live independent

I’m a young graduate (or I┬áremember so). I never been completely independent until two years ago. But being independent is not exactly cool as they portray in movies and social…

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Womens Day- My thoughts

Do you know, why we celebrate days such as “Valentine day”, “Independence day”, “Republic day”, “Veterans day”, etc?.   During my childhood, if any of such days brings me holidays…

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