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I'm yathav, digital marketer working with fast growing funded startup. Avid reader & passionate about sharing knowledge. 
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User Behavior

I'm Good At

I do very few things. But I will do it well
Search Marketing
Hyper Targeting the high intent users with the seach Marketing channel. With the knack for data & analysis, show results with 100% growth.
Display Advertising
Acts as support channel for the hyper focused search marketing. Display helps in nurturing the users who require a lot of information and interaction with the web properties before signing up online.
User Behaviour
Marketing is half done when the user interacts with product. Rest is all about ensuring the marketing has brought the right segment of people to right product,

Speak of My Mind

As an INTJ personality, I express most of my thoughts though writing. Subscribers would benefit from my deep insights from things I do
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Chennai India.
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E-mail: me@yathav.com Phone: 9655171615